Eating healthy has definitely made me feel so much better. I have more energy and I don’t get that “ugh” feeling after eating.

Eating healthy also has it’s down side. For example, when I was not watching what I would eat, I would spend about 100 a week on groceries. NOW I am spending close to 200! I think that there should be some government initiative to lower the cost of eating healthy. As a nation we are increasingly fat, and when it costs so much more to eat healthy, obviously there should be something done to lower those costs and increase the healthiness of our nation. This is not to say that people are blaming the government for their obesity. I am saying that I know it’s harder to eat healthy for multiple reasons, one of which is money. I am going to do my part to eat better and exercise, now can I get some relief on that grocery bill?

In addition, I have seen my gas bill go from a decent 150 a month to almost double that since I am cooking on the stove or oven so often. Maybe I should become a vegan and eat everything natural. I plan to start a garden in the spring, so it is definitely a possibility…. now if I could only give up pork, beef, and chicken…..

I don’t think that it is in the cards for me to become a vegan or vegetarian. I love meat.

With that said, I guess I will have to endure the cost of getting myself back into the routine of being healthy. It’s a small cost to pay to have a longer life, right?