If ever I was caught in a serious conversation with a drug addict (the odds are pretty slim); I would love to reveal to this person my drug of choice.

Reese’s Cups. I could lose 50lbs in a month; but put a Reese’s in front of me and I still can’t say no. In fact, if there is anyone within a 5 mile radius eating a Reese’s, I am sure that I smell it and have to run out and get some. My addiction is so bad, that at the height of my self-destructive eating, I would eat 4 king size Reese’s a day. Yes, a day.  Waking up in the morning, I would plan my first fix. I would leave work at lunch to get my second, and typically double fix.  Then, before heading home I would stop once more and get my last fix. You can always tell when you have a problem too, when you start hiding things.

For example, I am probably one of the most avid anti-littering people around. My car is typically filled with trash because I wait until I clean it to throw things away. I will even scream at people when they are throwing trash out of their car while driving down the road. However, when I am on a Reese’s binge, ALL the evidence is pitched.

I also have the problem of coming home with the smell of Reese’s on my breath. I sound like an alcoholic, but it’s true. Sometimes I avoid Mike until I can get a piece of bread in my mouth or brush my teeth.

This sounds completely ridiculous to you, I am sure, but perhaps you have never been addicted to anything as powerful as the Reese’s Cup.

I am here to say, that today, I only ate one. Just one. Not two, not four, and definitely not twelve. I am proud of myself, however, had I been offered the second one, I can’t say that I wouldnt have said no. Still, I need to revel in my victory, no matter how small.

Reese’s Cup- I am stronger than you.