I screwed up for a while. Not just a few days, like 10. I know what started it too. Cake at work. Stupid cake. There is always a party there. People are always bringing food. Then the stress of things going on at work made me want to do nothing but eat, even while I was working. So. I am starting over, yet again.

Mike and I have talked about a way to make me more successful. I have struggled for so long with this. Before I was with Mike, I never had a problem. Then again, I’ve never been with someone like Mike, who, can eat more than an army, by himself. His metabolism is insane, and when he eats, I want to eat. He has done really well not to eat bad around me, but I need him to NOT want to eat out. We need to give that up too, in order for me to do better. I have to do better.

So, here goes. For the 750th time, I am starting over. UGH. I wish I could just get past the first month. That’s all. Here’s praying. 🙂