So I am here to report that I have successfully made it through my first week of organic and healthy eating. I did encounter some issues over the course of the week. They include:

– I am still craving fried and sugary foods like it’s nobody’s business. I am hoping that over the course of the next couple weeks I can curb these cravings and not look back!

– I ate out, once or twice. I did much better than I normally do, but I need to keep improving!

-Organic food, as wonderful and stuck up as it sounds, does not taster as good as french fries, Reese Cups, or a large diet coke fountain pop. But we are getting there….

On the other hand, I am raising a healthy boy who LOVES eating well. He loves granola, fruit, vegetables, whole grain pasta and bread, and yogurt. 90% of the things that my son loves the most, I do not like. I have to make myself like it though.

This week I am continuing to focus on healthy eating, eliminating pop, and losing weight. I can do this!