Goal 1: Lose 25 lbs in 30 days

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I actually lost 28lbs in 30 days, but who’s counting? I still have quite a ways to go. As thrilled as I am to be doing well, I am also having really bad days too.

For example, all that weight I have lost has been in one or two places…. my face and my chest/ upper torso area . That’s it.  I mean, I know I have lost inches other places too, but the major change has been in these two areas. Good, yes, but frustrating because that is not making my ass smaller!

I know  I have a long way to go. I have only “cheated” once in 30 days (to have 3 pieces of pizza) and I was planning on cheating for the Independence Day holiday. I think I might just wait.

My goal for month two is 20lbs. It’s still a lot, but not an unreasonable goal. This is considering that I have established healthy eating habits and have incorporated exercise back into my routine…. now I just need to step it up.

The end goal, you ask?

1. Lose 100lbs by March 29, 2012

2. Stop drinking soda by December 31, 2011

That’s it. Simple goals, but I have broken them into many much smaller goals in order to be successful.

Wish me luck, I am in this for good!


Thanks Dad

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With tomorrow being Father’s Day, I thought that I would use this post to reflect on all the things I love most about my dad. My dad is one of the most complex people I know, but at the same time, his complexities are strangely familiar to my own. At any rate, my heart fills with emotion when I think of all the love and respect that I have for my father. My father played many important parts in my life, including:

Preacher. I didnt need to go to church, my dad preached about LIFE. His soapbox was always ready to come out for a lecture, here and there, and even to my friends if needed. I guess this was one of the reasons that my friends loved my father so, he told them the truth that their parents neglected to speak. I, on the other hand, wished he would shut up.  I practiced that art of nodding and smiling and continually saying, “yeah”. Instead of arguing, it was always better to smile and nod. Now days, my lectures are a little less. Maybe my next lecture should be on how to not be like him…. my soapbox ix frequented often for my nieces or Mike. I guess I am just getting ready to play preacher to my son. I couldn’t think of a better role.

TEACHER. School was always important to my father, but going hand-in-hand with his preaching job, was his teaching job. Yet again, his teaching was almost always focused on life. Doing chores, learning how to paint a house, use power tools, take care of your brother and he will take care of you, solve your own problems,etc. Even the smallest detail that may have gone unnoticed, hasn’t. I now see the bigger picture, and, I do not know it all. 😉

FIGHTER. My dad was the first person to fight for the people that he loves. If something happens, he was there for us. He fought for numerous reasons, though the majority that come to mind involve incredibly stupid teachers. Through his advocating for our needs, he taught us every day not to let other people walk all over you, stand up for what you believe in, and protect your family because nothing else matters.

PROBLEM SOLVER. My dad knew how to fix a problem before it even began. More or less he taught us not to put ourselves in situations that we can’t handle. Though I think I have done an almost admirable job at this, I have to say, knowing that my dad is there to help with the problem solving makes life a little easier. He is so swift at problem solving, it’s as if he sees the solution automatically. His problem solving abilities have nearly been passed to me- I am great at getting a solution in place, but I dont want to do all the work at times. I guess I am more like him than I thought- He came up with the solution and I fixed the problem.

LOVER. My dad can appear to be a stolid man, and at times can be scary in his demeanor, if you don’t know him. He’s actually a lover. Some of my favorite and most memorable moments with my father were when he was the lover. I remember when I was about 10, my dad got me a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day to tell me he loved me. It was the first time I had gotten flowers from anyone. As I got older, we traded notes on one another’s cars to read in the morning. I still have one such note hanging on my refrigerator so that I can see it everyday.  It says, “Never forget- We always love you. You could never be a failure if you follow your heart.”

I am so very thankful for my father. He made me who I am today.


I love you dad.

My Dad

It’s that time of the month

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Ok, so the women know what I am talking about here, but it’s that time of the month where all I want is some chocolate. Being on this diet, I can only eat sugar free chocolate. Great substitute, really, but comes with a few issues:

1. It’s clearly sugar free. You know how chocolate that melts and then get’s hard again tastes a little weird? Well, that’s what sugar free candy tastes like. It is NOT the real thing. This is annoying in itself because it is not satisfying my craving for chocolate.

2. It gives you gas. I think that is self explanatory. My office-mates can attest to this one. On regular intervals following the consumption of sugar free candy I have to jump up and run into the hallway to release some, ahem, “tension”.

3. It has a laxative effect when consumed in large quantities. The only problem is, the “large quantity” is NEVER the same amount every time. For example, on Monday I ate 4 SF candies. No problem. Today I ate two and well…. you get the idea.


So, with all that mess being said, DEAR GOD, please let this week come and go. I have a little over two weeks until I get a cheat day. I have 7 more pounds to lose to meet this goal. I can do this if Mother Nature will take it a little easy on me this month. 😉

And we are making progress….. FINALLY!


As of tomorrow, it has been two weeks since I “went back to my roots”. My roots :When I graduated high school, I dropped some weight using the Atkins program. I lost about 60lbs and kept it off for quite some time. It worked to help me lose weight, learn how to eat right and proportionally, and keep the weight off.

In February of 2007, I moved in with Mike. I was 23 years old and until this point, I had never lived anywhere other than with my parents. It was an insane struggle for me and I gained a LOT of weight.

The following year, around the same time, I started working to lose weight. I was doing really well until in the fall of 2008, my “nieces” came to live with me. I was working two jobs, trying to go to grad school, keep a relationship in tact, and lose weight. None of these worked well together. I also had a miscarriage in the fall that year. At this time, I didn’t exactly give up. I just stopped caring all together about what I looked like.

In summer of 09, Mike I and got pregnant with Austin. I was thrilled to be having my baby. I was also in a lot of pain. My key advice to overweight women- don’t get pregnant when you are fat. You thought you hurt all the time when you were JUST overweight? Try adding all the issues of pregnancy to it. I hated myself for not losing the weight before Austin was conceived.

In summer of 2010, though I was ready to get back to eating right and losing weight, the vast majority of my time was split between working on my new house and taking care of my new baby.

Now it’s the summer of 2011. It has been nearly 4 years since I have been remotely excited to leave the house. 4 years since I could grab clothes off a rack in the store and know that it will fit. 4 years since I could wear clothes without worrying if my skin/ fat is showing.

So, when I say I am going back to my roots- I am going back to Atkins. It works, and this time, I have the right motivation to keep me going: Austin and his (someday) sibling.

So, two weeks in and 18lbs down. I’d say that is a good start. I am past the two hardest weeks. Two more and I have made this a habit. No more excuses. No looking back. I am doing this.

Small victories

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I know that this may seem silly, but tonight I am celebrating a small victory. I have made it through the work week without cheating on my diet. ALSO, I turned down chocolate, ice cream, and Raising Cane’s (the third one almost killed me tonight!). Finally, and the point of doing this in the first place…. I have lost 8lbs so far this week alone. I am kicking butt and praying to God I can make it through the weekend (the weekend is the absolute WORST for me!) Wish me luck!

My Heart Bleeds Scarlet and Gray….

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When I was five years old, back in good ‘ole 1988, I remember vividly my Saturdays in fall. I was dressed in scarlet and gray, complete with buckeye necklace. My parents were perched, typically on the edge their chair, watching and rooting on John Cooper and The Ohio State Buckeyes. My Saturdays have always remained the same since. With great fervor I dress in my best OSU gear, buckeye necklaces, earrings, hair scrunchie, face tattoos, etc. The whole get up is  a bit much if you ask anyone else, but to a buckeye, its game day gear.

I was born and raised a buckeye, and though I did not attend The Ohio State University, I still bleed scarlet and gray. If you ask many non-buckeye fans, they will tell you that the faithful fans are crazy. I have heard commentary after commentary about the ravenous buckeye fans and their unrelenting pride. Though people do not get it, if they search, they may find the answer to the buckeye fan’s eccentricity.

Following World War I, Ohio State Football had grown in popularity. The games were held in a field on campus and the university wanted to construct a stadium to hold the fans during the game. Due to the financial hardships of the time, the university turned to the public. In 1919, Ohioans pledged just shy of 1 million dollars (with 120k coming from patrons out of state) to have their stadium built. The people of Columbus and the campus community alone raised over 600k. The people of Columbus PAID into their state college’s football program. (http://football.ballparks.com/NCAA/Big10/OhioState/index.htm) When I think back at my childhood, and hearing the story of how OSU came to be, it is quite clear that the people of Columbus paid into this program. Their ownership was passed down, generation after generation, and the pride of The Ohio State Buckeyes grew and grew. Central Ohioans are crazy about Ohio State football, a tradition that is deep-rooted through familial linkages, in addition to the consideration of the City of Columbus and their pro-sports programs.

If you live in Columbus, what pro-teams do you root for? When it comes to professional football, we are stuck with slim  pickin’s. Go south and you have the Cincinnati Bengals. A team that has definitely improved over the years, but has no super bowl victories to its name. The Bengals went twice in 1981 and 1988 and lost. Go north and you have the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have become somewhat of a joke over the years, boasting record losing seasons. They have yet to make a super bowl appearance. When you are left with the two choices, Buckeye Football becomes your number one priority in sports. Why turn anywhere else?

When I was 19 years old, in 2002, I got my first opportunity to see a game at The ‘Shoe. Words cannot adequately express the emotions I felt walking from the ramp into the view of the field. I clutched onto my mother, felt weak in the knees and nearly passed out. My breath had been stolen by the sight before me. Perhaps it was because I grew up with the movie “Rudy” that this reaction took place, but I will always remember my first game. It is listed as one of the single greatest events in my life and also solidified my love for the Buckeyes. What I had been taught, as child, about the roots of the stadium and the football team, combined with the exhilaration of  being at a game  had forever changed who I am.

I am an Ohioan. I am a Buckeye.

I bleed scarlet and gray.

Back to my roots

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I am not going into detail yet… but just know, that I am strong. I will be healthier…. even if it takes one day at a time. I conquered today. On to tomorrow!