Ok, so the women know what I am talking about here, but it’s that time of the month where all I want is some chocolate. Being on this diet, I can only eat sugar free chocolate. Great substitute, really, but comes with a few issues:

1. It’s clearly sugar free. You know how chocolate that melts and then get’s hard again tastes a little weird? Well, that’s what sugar free candy tastes like. It is NOT the real thing. This is annoying in itself because it is not satisfying my craving for chocolate.

2. It gives you gas. I think that is self explanatory. My office-mates can attest to this one. On regular intervals following the consumption of sugar free candy I have to jump up and run into the hallway to release some, ahem, “tension”.

3. It has a laxative effect when consumed in large quantities. The only problem is, the “large quantity” is NEVER the same amount every time. For example, on Monday I ate 4 SF candies. No problem. Today I ate two and well…. you get the idea.


So, with all that mess being said, DEAR GOD, please let this week come and go. I have a little over two weeks until I get a cheat day. I have 7 more pounds to lose to meet this goal. I can do this if Mother Nature will take it a little easy on me this month. 😉