I actually lost 28lbs in 30 days, but who’s counting? I still have quite a ways to go. As thrilled as I am to be doing well, I am also having really bad days too.

For example, all that weight I have lost has been in one or two places…. my face and my chest/ upper torso area . That’s it.  I mean, I know I have lost inches other places too, but the major change has been in these two areas. Good, yes, but frustrating because that is not making my ass smaller!

I know  I have a long way to go. I have only “cheated” once in 30 days (to have 3 pieces of pizza) and I was planning on cheating for the Independence Day holiday. I think I might just wait.

My goal for month two is 20lbs. It’s still a lot, but not an unreasonable goal. This is considering that I have established healthy eating habits and have incorporated exercise back into my routine…. now I just need to step it up.

The end goal, you ask?

1. Lose 100lbs by March 29, 2012

2. Stop drinking soda by December 31, 2011

That’s it. Simple goals, but I have broken them into many much smaller goals in order to be successful.

Wish me luck, I am in this for good!