This past holiday weekend, I decided to take a break from my dieting. In 30 days I had but one time “cheated”. The one time I cheated wasnt even significant enough to make any sort of difference or make me feel bad.

I went into this weekend thinking that I was going to keep on the diet. Mike then decided to order pizza, one of the things that I REALLY want when I am stressed and have missed dearly on my diet. So I ate. Then Sunday came- cookout with family. I ate again. I could have eaten on my diet, but there were these peanut butter fudge brownies I could not resist. I think I ate one every time I walked by.  After the fireworks, I stopped to get White Castle. Oh my goodness how I love White Castle! I felt like complete CRAP that night, but it was worth it. It reminded me of all the crap I should only eat one in a while.  I weighed myself this morning, worried that I had gained 10lbs in a day or two…. but no. I didnt gain a pound!

So, here I am starting month two. I am down 33lbs officially. My goal for this month is to lose 20lbs. Consistency is key. Of course, if I lose a larger amount, that’s fine too!! My other goal for this month is to exercise daily. I can do this!