As of Monday, it will be 6 weeks since I stated dieting. 6 weeks of trying to be healthy, exercising and remembering when I used to feel good about myself. For some reason, this weekend has been exceptionally challenging for me. I seems as though every commercial on TV is talking about food! Mike is always running around the house putting some food into his mouth that I am not allowing myself to eat. I am craving pizza so badly, I can taste it. Literally.

As of this morning, I am officially down 37lbs. I can definitely tell a difference in my body (thank goodness), though not as I wanted. I was hoping to lose my “baby” weight (from being pregnant with Austin). Apparently, after having a c-section, every bit of fat that was at my waistline, fell below. That is ALWAYS the hardest area to lose weight too. I am currently losing all my weight in my chest, lucky me. Where is the balance?! I think I may start doing crunches like crazy!

At any rate, I am still going.

83 days until my brother’s wedding (Goal: 2 sizes down from start)

137 days until Thanksgiving (Goal: only drink one pop a day)

168 days until Christmas (Goal: 3 sizes down from start)

175 days left in 2011 (whoa, we just now passed the half-way point?! Goal: NO MORE POP!!!!!!!)

263 days until my birthday (Goal: 5 sizes down from start, at or within goal weight)

I think I need to step up my game. These all seem to be coming sooner than later!