I am getting so bored of eating on this diet! I want some variety!!! AH!

I eat the following:

Taco Salad( No taco shells or corn chips!)

Salad with Chicken, Asiago cheese, strawberries (Think Wendy’s Chicken Almond Berry Salad)

Turkey Burgers (No bun!)

Green beans


Peanut Butter

Sugar Free cookies and Jello

Meatballs (no spaghetti)


Egg beaters


cheese (in general)

strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

AAAAAAAAnd that’s it. Ugh. So bored with this. I need to make it another two months before I add more carbs though. I can do it. My temptations are just REALLY strong right now, thanks to stress. Now that I’ve gotten this out, I already feel better.