For some reason, I decided to switch diets this weekend. I went from my safety zone of Atkins, knowing what to eat and what to expect, to switching to a version of weight watchers. When I say “a version”, it basically means that I follow some of the tenets of WW, but not all. For example, WW has a point limit per day with flex points for the week. I can choose to eat whatever crap I want as long as I am within their point system. Some people choose to eat healthy, but not all.

My version is eating healthy, trying to maintain low carb, and staying sugar free. It works for me, or so I hope. Starting tomorrow, I am off and running on this diet. Additionally, I will be increasing my exercise to a large extent. As a matter of fact, I am getting up at 5:30 am to work out. (ugh)

I am also increasing my water intake and decreasing my pop intake. Remember, I want to stop drinking pop by the end of the year!!!

Changes are scary to me, and I am worried that I may fail. I mean, if this is too difficult, I can always back up and retreat to atkins. I need the carb intake, however, to increase my exercise. I am hoping this works. As of today, I have lost 40lbs. I have 10 more to go to meet my goal for this month.

I can do this. 7 weeks in, and I am still doing well. I have given myself rewards, but not gone crazy. I am focused and strong. Every day I am one step closer to a healthier me!