Ugh. Well, I probably could have reached my goal for July. I had set a goal to lose 20lbs for this month. I lost about 16. I could have lost the 20, but here’s why I didnt:

1. I switched diets halfway. This is probably the biggest factor. I switched because I felt myself craving typically normal foods, with carbs or not, all the time. If my body wants a food that terribly bad, than I need to reconsider why I am not allowing myself to have it. So I switched diets. This SLOWED my metabolism a great deal. Adding carbs back into your diet is tough. All I felt like doing is sleeping and pooping, no lie. Maybe carbs arent that good for us….

2. I cheated, more than once. After I switched diets, I cheated. For an entire weekend I ate. bad idea. I did get back into the swing of doing things right, however, I now had extra weight to lose. GRRR.

3. I had planned on upping my exercise routine. However, with a heat index of 110 most days in July, I was not able to get the kind of exercise I wanted. Rollerblades stayed stagnant. I didnt walk. I didnt ride my bike. Ugh. Stupid heat.

Excuses, excuses! In the past month, however, I have learned a few things. I found a new website that boasts AMAZING recipes that utilizes healthy eating. Every day this week I have been making meals, snacks, and desert from recipes on this site.  Every item is amazing! I wouldnt need to eat “bad” with these substitutes! I am very excited for August, and I am hoping that the heat will not cause me to slow down. I am 46lbs down. I wanted to be 50. It’s ok. I will get there.

This is a journey after all!