Just one though for the night….

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How in the world am I supposed to be a good upright person, when I am surrounded by people who;
1. Don’t get the big picture.
2. I get over looked and stepped on…..REPEATEDLY.
3. Don’t appreciate what they have.
4. Can’t tell the truth from a lie.
5. Turn their bright lights on at 6am when there is fog…. really? REALLY?

Ok. Thought over. I need to go to bed.


“It’s All in Your Head,” They Say.

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Ever heard the quote, ” It’s all in your head?” Or how about, “Mind over matter?” What about, “Attitude is everything?”

I have heard them all. I truly believe in most of their meanings and sentiments, however, I cannot understand for the life of me why I cannot follow them!

“It’s all in your head.”

Sometimes it is, really. There are times that I have a “heated” argument or am trying to make a statement, only to make myself look like an ass. There comes a time when I attribute certain thoughts to real life actions and words. The most recent example I have was from an argument with my significant other. He was trying to explain one thing to me, and when I started to bite his head off, he pointed out that the things I was angry about were not at all what he had said! (Say What?) I have no idea if this is something that happens to other people, but it’s annoying. It’s almost as if I am living out my private thoughts at times, and I certainly do not want to do that! They are my thoughts, mine! They need to stay there in my head! I know that recently I have learned that I often do this automatically, and have since tried to change my tune. I need things to stay in my head. I need to pay better attention to what people are really saying, not what my HEAD hears and/or sees them say/do.

“Mind over Matter.”

This quote is the basic premise that your mind is more powerful that the matter in which it is focused upon. In a sense, this is true. Unless of course you are me, and then your mind is a wild beast needing to be tamed. There have been times that I can take a small request and twist it to mean 75 different things. Though each one of these things are untrue, they still have an affect on how I view the request, whether or not I fulfill the request, and to what degree is it done. Oy. Life would be much easier if I didn’t think so damn much.

“Attitude is Everything.”

It really is. Something terrible could happen, but as long as I take it the right way, is it really that terrible? What about things that are relative to ones self? Love, for example, is relative and the attitudes that people have regarding love shape their relationships and life. At what point do I say, I am being as completely positive about a situation as I know how to be, but the situation calls for action, not positiveness? I definitely believe in the validity of this one, but it has plenty of flaws.

Which brings me to my final point of the night. We are all human. We all have flaws. Why does my biggest flaw have to be my brain?

I guess it could be worse right?